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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we'll see you. this is a fox report. tonight in oklahoma, a memorial service for the people of tornado ravaged moore. a community that lost ten children, 14 adults. who braved many more injuries as well, those who survived and suffered the losses of homes and businesses. now moving forward in their effort to heal and rebuild. also, police say it could have been another columbine style tragedy. a teenager charged with attempted murder. for what would have been a horrendous act. an alleged attack against a high school. investigators say the would be killer is a student.
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>> a focus on re-creating the model of columbine with adjustment that's would make it more successful. >> fox reports, what we're learning led police to move in before it was too late. and -- they had him. one of the main suspects in london's terror attack. this man with blood on his hands right after the murder of a british soldier. new word authorities had arrested him before. then he went free. in minutes, what he was doing when they picked him up the first time. also, honoring wounded warriors. president george w. bush hosting veterans for his bike ride at the ranch. >> we've got great trails out here and they're pretty tough. to know that in this case, men who had their legs blown off or had serious injuries are able to ride those trails, it is quite
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an experience. >> tonight one-on-one with the former commander-in-chief. we begin in oklahoma a week after 76 tornadoes ripped through america's heartland. the most powerful and deadly touching down in moore. a memorial going on right now for those affected by the disaster. as the rest of the nation mourns right along with them. 24 people lost their lives. ten of them children. the twister that hit moore rated an ef-5. the most powerful on the scale used to measure the scale of twisters. it ripped 18 miles long, flattening entire blocks of homes, two schools and a hospital. some 377 people injured. 12,000 homes damaged or destroyed. countless businesses. today president obama visited. casey is outside the first baptist church in moore. we got a look just moments ago
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inside that church. >> reporter: we did. i'm going to talk about that in a moment. first on president obama's visit on the ground here today. the mayor of moore, the governor of oklahoma and a handful of teachers were among those that president obama met with at the site of the form he plaza towers elementary school. because frankly, there is not much left of that school. seven children as you said, died on monday. as they were trapped inside. he also got a tour of a neighborhood that was badly damaged, getting an up close and personal look at the destruction. he also stopped by the fire station where he had the chance to shake hands of first responders and also, pass along america's could not dole engss to the families of those who lost their loved ones. >> we know moore will come back stronger from this tragedy. your mayor said that you're already printing new street signs.
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and i want folks affected throughout oklahoma to know we're going to be with you every step of the way. >> i've got to say his visit to moore today, getting some mixed reaction on one hand, have been, we had residents that were thankful he was here, bringing attention to the matter. but we also did talk to some residents earlier today that were a bit frustrated. as you know, the presidential security is very high when mr. obama is on the ground and you have secret service sweeps, things like that. we talked to some residents earlier who were pretty upset because of the secret service sweeps. they could not get into their neighborhoods to get some of their belongings and continue the salvage work that had to be done. but no doubt a big day here in oklahoma with president obama visiting. >> it is always an opportunity for the governors affected to get some face time with the president as they have declared disaster areas. you know, i want to walk the the tribute going on right now. >> reporter: yeah. it is starting right now.
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we'll take you live inside. live pictures. the first baptist church of moore. the reason why this is so significant is because this is the first time that this community has come together as a whole since this disaster. it has been a roller coaster of emotions for the residents the last six days. exhaustion, shock, anger, fear, sadness. >> how do you even deal -- >> god, faith that he will get us through all this. there's so much to talk about that i can't even find words. >> reporter: this service will not only be paying tribute to the 24 people who were killed. ten of those children.
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of those ten, two infants. it will also be paying tribute to the more than 300 who were injured. it will be to pray for those who lost it all. some 13,000 homes destroyed. it is hard to find one person in this community that has not been affected what happened here one week ago tomorrow. >> she was talking. it just brought right to my heart that we need to put up throughout the hour, and we will do this, casey, the red cross information for people to text. they're still going to need our help for days and weeks and months to come. on the east coast when we got hit by sandy, we understand. thank you very much. turning now to the scandals rocking our nation's capital and more calls for a special independent counsel to step in and investigate. top irs officials have admitted, that agency targeted conservative groups and others singling out hundreds of organizations for extra scrutiny.
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with names like tea party and patriot. they were looking for them. even now months after the irs says the practice has stopped, some groups that applied for tax-exempt status are still waiting for approval. now, some lawmakers are expressing doubts about whether the justice department can impartially handle, well, basically investigating itself. steve is live in washington. everybody seems to agree, the irs improperly targeted conservative americans. where is the major disagreement at this point? >> the two parties can't seem to agree on where to go next. whether an independent prosecutor should be named at this point. now, either way, some republicans are suggesting this is a major turning point for the president. here's a taste of that argument from the sunday talk shows. >> i think there needs to be a speedy resolution to this and i think the president is in danger of using his moral authority to lead the nation if we don't get to a resolution. >> this was as i see it, a terrible abuse of power and it
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has to be fully investigated. the only question is how close to his circle does this get as far as knowing about when it happened. >> senator lindsay graham said this didn't happen by accident. the tone was set at the very top. he called for a special prosecutor to investigate. but congressman darrell issa said congress can investigate on its own. democrats say there is no evidence at this point of any involvement by the president or any political motivation. they say it is the result of the high court's decision and citizens united which triggered more political spending by tax-exempt groups. >> citizens united really unleashed hundreds if not thousands of organizations seeking tax-exempt status to play in political campaigns. the law we wrote as congress said that they had to exclusively be engaged in social welfare and not politics and campaigning. so here is the irs, trying to
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decide whether or not these organizations really comply with the law. >> there have been three congressional hearings on this scandal so far and more expected. >> thank you very much. now to another scandal from the irs to the department of justice. senator lindsay graham is calling for a separate independent council to investigate the justice department. this time related to the doj's tracking of phone call and e-mail of fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen. as we've been reporting, the justice department confirmed for us that attorney general eric holder was involved in the decision to seek a search warrant against a fox employee rosen. senator graham said he does not believe the attorney general can investigate his own actions and says this records grab was a big government overreach. >> this is a good time to have a special council come forward or some independent group to look at it. james rosen is a lot of things
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but a criminal co-conspirator he is not. we're beginning to criminalize journalism. i think that should worry us all. >> this all stems from an affidavit filed. claiming it believed rosen violated the federal espionage act. the attorney general's review of this as well as the records seizure at the associated press is due in july. despite those two scandals, as well as questions over the deadly terror attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya, president obama came out late last week with a major speech on counter terrorism and national security defending his formerly top secret drone program and renewing the pledge he made before taking office. to close the detention center at guantanamo bay. critics say he is trying to shift the focus away from three scandals. peter with news now from washington.
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>> reporter: with scandals swirling around the white house, president obama left campus this week to give a speech at ft. mcnair where he reminded americans he wants to scale back the war on terror, close the military prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, and limit the use of drones. >> before any strike is taken, there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. the highest standard we can set. >> reporter: that sounds like a retreat to some of the critics who say now is not the time to limit our options for dealing with terrorists. >> this is the most tone deaf president i ever could imagine. making such a speech at a time when our homeland is trying to be attacked literally every day. changing the standards of when you can go after somebody with a drone. it has to be a continuing imminent threat to american people with no chance of civilian casualties. virtually no chance. i think we're diminishing our national security infrastructure. >> other senators see the
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president's speech as positive and as a way to reset the nation's collective mindset after more than a decade at war. >> i'm not going to take lightly the terrorism threat against the united states. if we are constantly thinking of this in the context of war, we stand a very real risk of doing things when compromise our freedoms. >> the president's entire speech was written off by the republican chairman of the house armed services committee who said it was, quote, only necessary due to a deeply inconsistent counter terrorism policy. >> thank you. in the past quarter century, it has become one of our nation's most celebrated if not noisiest memorial day traditions. the powerful him of thousands of motorcycles roaring through the d.c. area can signal just one thing. rolling thunder is back in town. this annual motorcycle rally
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began 25 years ago as a way to raise awareness of vietnam war heroes who became prisoners of war and those who remain missing in action. this year rolling thunder also honored american veterans of the afghanistan and iraq wars. right now, piecing together, a chain reaction crash that involved a party bus filled with people. investigators revealing what prompted the violent collision. also, inside this house, police found several home made bombs. they say a 17-year-old was hiding in a secret compartment. he is now charged with attempted murder. we're learning where he allegedly planned to set them off. stay close. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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officers have arrested a 17-year-old high school student and say he will be charged as an adult. prosecutors believe he made at least six bombs that he planned to set off in a coordinated assault on his own classmates. >> this is a picture from his facebook page. the west albany high school student is now in the juvenile detention facility accused of plotting a columbine-style attack on his classmates. >> he doesn't really have that many friends. he is kind of alone. >> reporter: investigators say police found at least six home made bombs inside his mom's house hidden in a secret compartment unhis bedroom floor. the benton county district attorney said they found bomb making materials. >> the types of bombs include
4:18 pm
pipe bombs, draino bombs, molotov cocktails. >> it is unclear where he got the knowledge or materials but prosecutors say he was planning to use the bombs in a well thought out attacks on his high school classmates. haroldson said the case is built on the following evidence. >> plans, check lists, diagrams, inspiratio inspirations, sources, and a focus on re-creating the model of columbine with adjustment that's would make it more successful. >> police arrested him at his dad's house after someone tipped him off to the plot. parents can't imagine what might have happened if that person didn't come forward. >> that he had access to put that stuff together. he is a kids. he shouldn't know this stuff. it is pretty scary. >> now we are told police have
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thoroughly searched the high school and say they found, quote, no threat there. the suspect remains in a juvenile detention center. he is scheduled to be arraigned on tuesday. this story was developing at this time last night. flash flooding in the area around san antonio, texas. first responder making hundreds of rescues. they couldn't get to everybody. at least two people are dead. at this hour the search to bring home everyone alive is not over. also, these vintage planes are something to see up close and personal. watching them take flight is even better. we'll take you to the scene at one big air show this memorial day weekend.
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police suspect a drunk driver involved in a deadly crash. one person was killed. ten others taken to the hospital. police say that driver slammed into a highway center divider. the oncoming party bus with 18 people on board hit that car. a passenger in the car was killed. the driver in critical condition. most of the people on the party bus suffered only minor injuries. an update to a story developing last night on the fox report. two women are dead. a teenage boy is missing tonight after being swept away by floodwaters in san antonio, texas. storms dumped ten inches of rain in a few hours. rescue crews responding to more than 230 calls for help. drivers stuck in their cars.
4:24 pm
homeowners sometimes waiting on the roof tops to be rescued. >> someone had to move my steps away to get to me. >> we were grateful that they came for us. >> it is bad. really bad. i've never seen it like that. >> flash flood warnings expired at noon today. thankfully for them. and another storm though could bring a few more inches of rain tonight. but overall, weather is expected to clear up for the memorial day holiday. and a memorial day celebration soaring, i should say, observe advances to great heights today at new york's jones beach. the bethpage air show took to the skies one day late due to the bad weather in the area. certainly worth the wait. the fans watched the show. this year's high flying exhibition featured an
4:25 pm
impressive show. the bethpage air show has been a memorial day tradition for a decade. before he was accused of murdering a soldier in broad daylight, one of the two main suspects in that london terror attack was held in another country. how does he ever go free? and president george w. bush leading the troops as commander-in-chief and this memorial day weekend he hosted some of those war heroes for a bike ride at his texas ranch. that's coming up.
4:26 pm
you just watched the awesome people do what they do best. >> the raw battle was something that they have never seen before. the whole sea was lit up with big explosions of the big guns firing. what i saw in my camera was a good number of men being shot as they waded through the water. it was always amazing to me that these guys would continue to keep on going. >> the amount of violence we sustained. men and women were doing something bigger than themselves. >> i had to leave. i had to be strong. for the guys that i was over there with. i think that people should understand that on an island that was one-third the size of central park in new york, over 6,000 people were killed in 76
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. time for the top of the news. family, friends, supporters gathering in moore, oklahoma. the governor has just spoken to the crowd to remember the 24-people killed when the tornado leveled much of that town. they're praying for the survivors on all those affected
4:31 pm
by the disaster. those children are some of the survivors at a neighboring school along with their first grade teacher who was just introduced by the governor. this service being held at the first baptist church. the first organized vigil the community has had since that tragedy on monday. earlier president obama was in the town of moore meeting with families and first responders. he toured what is left of plaza towers elementary school. we want to remind you how you can help. this is what i wanted you to text. red cross to 90999. text the words red cross to 90999. then you will automatically be able to donate to the relief effort there. we move to the story that's breaking all over europe. the killing of the man seen
4:32 pm
here, his blood covered hands blurred out. anti-terrorism police saying he was arrested in kenya in 2010 under a different name and handled over to british authorities for deportation. this video showing him at his arraignment in moom bassa in 2010. kenyan officials saying he was caught on the bored he of somalia. and was believed to have been preparing to train and fight with al qaeda linked somali militant group. he addressed the court back then. >> this people they are mistreating us and we are innocent. believe me. >> this information coming as police say they have made a new arrest today in connection with the murder of by, the 25-year-old military drummer who was hacked to death in broad daylight. his family visited the scene of
4:33 pm
the crime for the very first time today. james banks from our sister network sky has more. >> reporter: it has been a day of high emotion in southeast london. where thousands of people traveling to pay their respects to the fallen soldier, drummer, lee rigby. there are thousands of floral tributes very close to the spot where he was killed. people came today from various religious beliefs and various political backgrounds. but perhaps the most poignant moment was when his family visited the spotted where he died for the first time. his widow rebecca walks among the floral tributes and placed a bunch of flowers for herself with a card from his 2-year-old son. of course this is a family that has seen their son deploy only to be killed as he walks from
4:34 pm
the edge of his barracks here in london. but regardless of the people who visited today, whether they knew him well or not at all. many were here to show their support to the family and many came here with just one simple question to ask. that was why? >> that was james banks reporting from our sister network. an ambush targeting political leaders is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. india. outrage after police say a group of 200 rebels set off a land mine and opened fire on a convoy of cars. inside, local leaders and supportes of the country's ruling political party. that convoy was returning to the state capital after a rally. among dead, four of the parties' leaders and several police officers. japan. the boeing 787 dream liner back in the sky.
4:35 pm
after being grounded four months ago. remember those planes catching fire in january? two with smoldering batteries? now the airline says it will run five commercial 787's before june 1st. nepal, new video showing the oldest person ever to climb the world's highest mountain. an 80-year-old former dare devil skier proud to talk about his recent conquest on mt. everest. he said the key to climbing and aging is never giving up on your dreams. amen to that. hungary. the annual re-enactment of the 16th century battle. thousands tanning the three-day festival. it commemorates the day in 1579 when christian armies recaptured the fortress. president george w. bush hosting his third annual 100 k bike ride.
4:36 pm
wounded warriors joining him on a 100 kilometer or roughly 62-mile bike trek. held on his ranch in texas. some veterans missing limbs lost in battle, taking on the hills and the mountainous terrain, proving nothing can hold them back. fox news medical teamer dr. mike siegel had a chance to speak one-on-one with president bush and asked him about his thoughts on health care and the importance of staying fit. >> i think the most important, one important aspect of a good health care system is to encourage healthy behavior. and prevention. that's what we're doing out here, isn't it? preventing disease by staying fit. if people make better choices, the demand for health care will decline. secondly, i think it is really important for people to recognize we've got the best, the most modern technologically advanced health care system in
4:37 pm
the world. and you know, eventually we'll figure out the best way to pay for it. >> i think you're a role model for health. is there something i'm missing? how do i get people off the couch? >> i was not a role model for a while. i drank too much. i smoked cigarettes. i would sit around. but people have to make up their own mind. there is no law you can pass that tells people to get off the couch. hopefully people, once they start exercising, will realize the physical and mental benefits. it is an addictive habit because you really do feel better. and i don't know. i think the example, i think your shows help people. we show these kids riding with prosthesis across pretty rugged terrain. i think people say they can do that. when they do, they realize how good it makes them feel and the health benefits from it. and one thing is if people are
4:38 pm
held responsible for their decisions, it might help affect behavioral change. so a health care system, for example, that has health savings accounts is one in which, it the market forces. but the individual can realize the benefits of a healthy choice. >> i love that. one last thing. when you were up on the rim, i was very inspired. you said to the troops, those of hue can do it. come up on the rim. you might get bloody today. >> that was awesome. we've got great trails out here. and they're pretty tough. and to know that in this case, men who had their leg blown off or had serious injuries, they're able to ride those trails. it is really inspiring. it was a fantastic three days. i'm already looking forward to next year's. we hope you're here, doc. >> if you invite me, i'm here. >> thank you. you're invited. >> thank you. a privilege and an honor.
4:39 pm
>> amazing. a terrific cause. for more information about the bush center warrior 100 k ride, logon to w a special tribute to a man who was believed to be our nation's oldest living veteran. 107-year-old richard overton says he will sit on the porch of his austin, texas home on this memorial day like every other day. as he world war ii veteran. he spent three years in the south pacific. 70 years later, overton said he is still in good health but recognizes, he is, quote, no young man no more. looks good though. despite his age, he passes his time with yardwork. he says he smoked cigars and drink as little whiskey in his morning coffee. overton joke, the hooch keeps him spry. good to know. a near miss in the skies over one of our nation's busiest airports involving a military helicopter and a commercial
4:40 pm
airliner. we're learning details on that. and goats volunteering their time at a patriotic landmark. what do you do with goats at a patriotic landmark? i guess they get to do whatever they want. we'll explain.
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there was a close call involving a military helicopter at reagan national airport in washington, d.c. this actually happened friday but federal officials are now releasing information about it. they tell us the jet plane was coming in for a landing. that's redundant. jet. as the chopper was taking off, at one point the two aircraft were only 950 feet apart. potential disaster was averted when an alarm went off inside the plane's cockpit and then circled the airport quickly. a bit later that jet touching down safely, the national transportation safety board is looking into the incident. a train ride derailed. passengers ejected from the moving cars at an amusement park in ohio. more than a dozen people hurt. our first stop on this fox trip across america. ohio. that open top train went off the
4:45 pm
tracks and kipd over on its tracks at an amish farm outside columbus. we're told several children were among the victims help to from the train. they're hurt but expected to recover from their mostly minor injuries. a state office that monitors amusement park rides is investigating the cause. california. the ronald reagan presidential library using goats to protect itself against potential wild fares. library officials turning loose an entire herd to eat the dry grass and brush around the complex. the goats are perfect for eliminating potential fuel for fires and keeping the place nice and tidy and groomed. also in the golden state, a los angeles area family welcoming their big bundle of joy. this is kalen tipping the scales at nearly 14 pounds. >> my hand is numb right now. >> from holding him. >> i've boring here 15 years and this is the biggest baby to my knowledge that has been born here in the last 15 years for
4:46 pm
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california's bay area, one of many places across the nation honoring our war heroes. this is san francisco's national cemetery at the presidio. it is decorated this week with more than 26,000 flags. a well deserved salute to those who have served our nation in war time. the flags placed at each gravesite with the help of several hundred boy scouts. while we show our gratitude for those who have given their lives for ours, we put a spotlight on something affecting our vets. their medical struggle. it is an ordeal they often confront not on the battlefield but at home. sometimes it can lead to deadly
4:51 pm
consequences. douglas kennedy with the story. >> reporter: marine corporaldren iraq in 2005. >> temper tantrums, tremors. >> reporter: unfortunately says his father stanley, he could not survive the drug cocktail prescribed to him by his caregivers at the department of veterans affairs. >> once they treat you for ptsd, the first line of treatment seems to be a series of medications. we call them lethal cocktails. if it doesn't work, they increase the dosage and give you more and more and more. >> reporter: andrew was prescribe 19 different medications from the v.a. and was on five drugs for insomnia. when he accidentally died in his sleep in 2011. a cocktail that included the anti-depressant paxil. the anti-anxiety and the anti-psychotic. >> it is inexcusable to be giving our military and our vets
4:52 pm
multiple psychiatric drugs and cocktails. they do no good and do huge harm. >> reporter: he is a psychiatrist. tend military and v.a.'s use of psych drug cocktails is verging on criminal. >> we now know that exposure to multiple drugs over a period of months or years leads to chronicity, to disability. >> reporter: he says at least a suicide and accidental death. still, between 2005 and 2011, the military and v.a. went on a spending spree with psycho active medication, increasing prescriptions by a whopping 682%. an increase which this military spokesman defends. >> it might be appropriate in addition to giving an anti-depressant drug to give a medicine that helps with the anxiety for a little while. then when the anxiety goes away but the depression hasn't still quite remitted, you may want to
4:53 pm
think about using another medication. >> reporter: the military says the use of drug cocktails is safe if used as prescribed. what do you say? >> i do not agree. there is no research available that we know of that says that multiple drugs are safe. >> reporter: unfortunately, he says his son was a guinea pig for what he calls psych drug experiments. in charleston, west virginia. douglas kennedy, fox news., i'm tweeting during fox report and reading some of your memorial day sentiments. i'll share some of those words from you after the break. it will include a taste of your tweets and posts to us on facebook as well. hey, look! a shooting star!
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do not drive,perate machinery or do unsafe tasks until you ow how toviaz affects you. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. talk to your doctor about toviaz. villains beware. you never know when there might be a super hero waiting in the wings. sort of. one suspect learned the hard way after lifted a car from the movie set of captain america. police didn't need super powers to nab that car thief. just a pair of keen eyes and a phone. the suspect was pulled over after he was spotted driving erratically. a call to marvel studios confirmed the car was stolen. the suspect now faces a charge of receiving stolen property. and indy car racing has a winner, you had to favorite tony canaan.
4:58 pm
kissing his wife and getting the traditional milk bath. racing with torn ligaments in his hands. he won the race after the three-time winner dario franchitti hit the wall. kanaan received a medallion. she was recovering from a brain aneurism. before today's race, she returned that medallion to him telling him, he himself needed some luck. fast forward. some of the stories coming up for thursday. later in the week after the holiday. world no tobacco day on thursday. ever every year on may 31st interesting world health organization and its partners highlight the health risks associated with tobacco useful tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year. also thursday, aerosmith one of the bands taking to the stage at
4:59 pm
the sold out boston strong concert benefiting victims of the marathon bombing. the lineup includes james taylor, jimmy buffett and carol king. comics also will take the stage. before we go, we want to share your memorial day messages viewers have sent in. reminding what the holiday is all about, susan banks phelps posted this on facebook. i thank my son who was kia, killed in action, a year ago. susan, we thank you and we're so sorry for your loss. susan writes, american stands on the shoulders of many soldiers. thank you for your service. thank you for your life. we will never forget. god bless. wanda shares, veterans need lots of praise for their dedication to their nation. love them all. and praying for all the children growing up without their mom or dad and the widow or widower
5:00 pm
carrying it all. and dana's tweet. as a nam vet, this gives a chance to reminisce with friends who made it home and those who did not. thanks for being here tonight. have a great week. my main concern is fixing a problem. >> the white house drowning in scandals. the president facing scrutiny on several fronts. how badly will all these controversies damage mr. obama? we'll have the best analysis in the business. >> it had a big impact on me. it was chilling on the other peel, too. >> a factor investigation. did the irs target big money conservative donors? we'll talk with the man who got hammered by the tax people. >> what do you think about the latest that's been going on with the benghazi investigation? >> i haven't really been following it that much. >> i haven't been following too closely. >> and the factor hits the streets to find out how much


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